Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Artist Reception @ Blackwater

Here's some pics from the evening. Thanks to all who showed up to support the artists!

The lovely Rachel and Wes... wouldn't have happened without them since Rachel
owns the Blackwater. Thank you both!

Sydney and Colleen showing the show's postcard designed by Wes
AND looking sparkly spanky.

Sean and Erin.

Claire and Adam listening to the sweet sauerkraut sounds from Committee for Public Safety.
My 2 contributions to the show hanging close.

Committee for Public Safety
Drew Schot, Darin Renggli, Geoff Weeg, Sylvester Thomas III (aka "Sly")

Saturday, June 14, 2008

SPEW article about Drew

Check this out!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Uncle Bill

A week ago my Uncle Bill (aka William Donovan, Uncle Bill the lawyer, Dr. Donovan, Donovan, Dad, Wild Bill, Keeper of the Beat) passed away. His death has really done a number on those that loved him...he was such an inspiration. He taught me how to Argentine Tango and recently we were scrapping along trying to learn Spanish. He always cut to chase, helped whenever asked, was the life of a party and always told those around him how much they were loved. I feel compelled to post a few pictures of him...

A random picture taken while I was taking ones for his almost realized Argentine Tango website. He, at one point, was fixing to teach tango in Tacoma with me as his partner. I was honored he asked me.
This was his entry "outfit" for our "Most Ugly Christmas Sweater" contest last Christmas, 2007. You actually can not see the nativity scene that is strapped to his waist in this pic...but it was there! He didn't win (one of his daughters, Cortney, did) all because he had to plug in his lights where as Cortney was free to flit.

A drawing I did about him, called "Will". That is Uncle Bill playing the bass (with a full band) in Drew's "Husband Land" right after we moved into our Gig Harbor beach house.

I miss him much.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Group show at the Blackwater

Come join me along with all of the artists that have shown so far at the Blackwater. This Friday, June, 13th, 7:00pm. There will be lots of great new artwork from each artist and live music! One of Drew's bands, Committee for Public Safety, will be playing along with many others. See you there!

Blackwater Cafe
747 N Fawcett Ave.
Tacoma, WA 98402

Two "ReMixes" to gander: