Friday, May 29, 2009

Tomorrow, 10am-2pm, come see me!

If in Gig Harbor, come "MEET THE ARTIST" tomorrow, Saturday, May 3oth!

New work is up at the new swanky Cutters Point Coffee and I will be there 10am -2pm.

Would love to meet you on a beautiful Saturday morning.

Cutters Point Coffee
5006 Point Fosdick Dr NW, Gig Harbor (253) 858-2348

"Below Up"
photo transfer, acrylics
30" X 30"

Mindy Barker
P.O. Box 2263
Gig Harbor, WA 98335

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Update on last "New music!" entry:

Here's a few changes/additions:

  • The Painkillers will be playing at the HIGH DIVE, Seattle on JUNE 1st.
  • The Painkiller's cd release show at Rocket Records will not be on June 13th. New date to be announced soon.
  • The Nightgowns will not be able to make the Dubliner show on June 26th. Show lineup to be announced later.
  • Pretty sure Guitar Maniacs, Tacoma also has the Painkiller's new cd for purchase. many changes!

What hasn't changed, though, is that these are really worthy recorded tunes, so treat yourself.

New music!!!

Here are two Tacoma bands worth hearing. They both have cds that came out within the last two weeks. You can pick up both at the Blackwater Cafe in downtown Tacoma. Really, they are great!

James Hilborne and the Painkillers:

  • The Painkillers will be having a cd release at Rocket Records, Tacoma on June 13th (Panic Pants will be opening! Can you believe it?). Starts around 3:30pm. All ages show.
  • Will be at the HIGH DIVE, Seattle for "New Music Monday".
  • Playing with the Nightgowns, June 8th, at the Dubliner, Fremont, Seattle.
  • Released on Tacoma's own Viva Tacoma Records.
The Nightgowns (formally the Elephants):

  • Playing together with the Painkillers at the Dubliner, Fremont, Seattle, on June 26th.
  • These boys are getting regular airplay on KEXP.
  • They already had their Tacoma cd release...a doosey of a show!

Kid's Bedroom mural

A kid's room mural I recently finished. It features a plane landing and has the child's name on the side and the runway includes his birth date= 4/ 22/ 02. Concept originated by Pam Sturgill and Rhonda Canales.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Beautiful Day!

Wow, what a day so far.

First of all, it is an absolutely gorgeous, sun aglow morning, the kind that you don't take for granted and that we wait all year round for in this mostly gray utopia.

Then, to top it off, I first heard then saw a pod of Orca whale swim by. I counted 5 for sure and am almost sure on a 6th. One had the biggest dorsal fin, twice as high as the other's. I swear it looked about the size of a keel on a 30' sailboat. There is now a slight breeze but at that time of the day the water was calm and not a boat to be seen so their familiar whoosh of expelled air was easily heard. Oh water. One of the many perks of living on the Puget Sound.

A recently finished project:

These are 2 flat panel slider doors that my client wanted to have more dimension so I painted faux "millwork" to the outer surface. She wanted the look to be clean and simple with a bit of age. The painted "medallions" added some detail and softened the corners.

Here is a detail of the "millwork" and "medallion":

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Show

If in the Gig Harbor area, please visit my new work at:

Cutters Point Coffee

5006 Point Fosdick Dr NW, Gig Harbor

(253) 858-2348
A few paintings on view:

Iceland 25
acrylic/ photo transfer
30" X 30"

Below Up
acrylic/ photo transfer
30" X 30"


I’m attracted to photos most people would throw away; photos that are out of focus, with partial or distorted images, or unnatural eye-popping color.

Using a spontaneously taken photograph as a starting point, this image is photo transferred onto medium, applied to a substrate, then “extended”. Through multiple layers of acrylic glazes the photo’s color and form reach beyond its borders until the initial image is almost undetectable.

My interest in this process began as a study in the precise nature of my decorative painting business, started in 1993. Focusing on murals, faux finishes, and marbleizing, my business also includes the constant challenge of color matching and “fooling the eye” through trompe l’oeil.

Exploring this method of blending an original image into an “extended” version through color and form becomes the basis of this work.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

movie "Foolish Games"

Here's a little movie I was involved with last year for the 72 hour film competition (yes, written, filmed, edited in 72 hours!). It features lots of the Girl Trouble peeps (written by Kurt Kendall and shot by Isaac Olsen), Dick Rossette, Mike Stewart, Gretchen Bailey, music by Girl Trouble and lots of Tacoma zombies!